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Beat cancer!

This is a project that's near and dear to our hearts, and probably yours too. It's hard to find someone whose life hasn't been affected one way or another by cancer. The catalyst that inspired this very project was that a very good friend of D'Rumpus was recently diagnosed with cancer for a second time (she beat it the first time!). We wanted to do something to help and the idea of creating this shirt and donating a majority of the proceeds to her charity of choice, The El Camino Hospital Foundation; seemed like the right thing to do so here we are! We wanted to make these shirts a little extra special so we picked a high quality 50/50 cotton/poly for the unisex cut Ts and very soft ringspun cotton for the ladies' cut Ts. The color purple was chosen because that's her favorite color.

To honor our friends and family who have been touched by cancer, we invite you to dedicate your shirt to that person or people who will always be in your mind and heart:

Mona S, Laurie v, Harry A, Maggie R, Whitny M, Scot S, Beverly R, Sam F, Sally F, Mary T, Marilyn v, Jennifer L, Jaime M, Steve v, Donna P, Paul U, Marjory C, Rosemary O, Hope M, Mathew W, Ruby K, Jacque D, Park G, Trudy M, Manuela S, Jen P, Jennifer H, Peggy M, Ken M, Margie M, Alice C, Yoshimi T, Rudy C, Corine S, Carmela M, Mark S, Alice L, Rebecca L, Eric H, Katherine U, Sandy M, Christina L