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Frequently Asked Questions


What's this whole D'Rumpus thing about?

Funny you should ask…

Can I become a D'Rumpus artist?

Yeah! Shoot us some info about yourself on our contact page and that will start the process!

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D'Rumpus is a Green Company!

How is D'Rumpus a green company?

D'Rumpus went through a thorough certification process with the Institute for Green Business Certification. They took into account the fact that we use laptops for all of our development (less power consumption than desktops), use as little paper as possible (we're all digital), and our hosting company runs completely on wind power! We know our environment needs TLC and we're glad to be doing our part!

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I'm looking for a specific piece that you don't seem to have, can anything be done about that?

Yes! Please fill out the Request a Composition form on the home page and we'll get working on that!

What if I'm looking for a custom written show/exercise/music?

No problem! D'Rumpus has a large network of artists and we'd be happy to work with you to put something together. Just contact us with the details and we'll get things rolling!

I see that some pieces have both a score and parts for purchase, what's the difference?

There are two big differences between parts and scores: 1) Parts give you the sheet music and associated files for a single part and scores give you all the files for that whole piece and 2) Parts have a personal license and scores have a performance license.

Once I make a purchase what happens next?

Head on over to your account page and download the associated files!

What will I need to open/read the files?

You will need to be able to open zip, pdf, and mp3 files. If you have an iPod/iPhone we highly recommend loading the audio files into iTunes, it's a great experience!

I noticed there is a difficulty rating on the musical pieces, how does D'Rumpus calculate the various difficulties levels?

Overall we have a 5 tier difficulty rating (shows are a touch different, more on that in a second). The 5 levels are beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Here's a general description of each:

  • Beginner - This is the very first levels of percussion, you're just picking up sticks/mallets/etc. for the first time, learning about all of the base skills needed to play.
  • Novice - Ok, you've got the basics down and now you're looking to work on more skills; rudiments, specific techniques (4 mallets for example), music reading with various meters, keys, rhythmic interpretation, etc.
  • Intermediate - You have a firm grip on the basics, now it's time to build some chops and really start getting into the subtleties of percussion. You can play well both at slow and medium tempos and would like to start working on faster material. You might be at the point where you're auditioning for a drum and bugle corps or winter percussion group.
  • Advanced - Basics, check. Mastery of tempo and rhythmic interpretation, check. You've got good technique, good chops, and an established percussive vocabulary. It's very likely that you could march with a drum and bugle corps (top 12 even) or winter percussion group. Congratulations on getting this far!
  • Expert - You have mastered your craft. You are capable of auditioning for and making a top 6 DCI or WGI percussion section, maybe even being a section leader. Now it's all about developing your personal style and continuing to deepen your percussive vocabulary. The world is at your fingertips, where will you go? :-)

As for shows, think of the difficulty range being applied per each class, so an A class show rated as expert will have material that will be challenging for A class ensembles but not so much for a world class ensemble, make sense? In that regard, shows actually have 15 difficulty levels!

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I've noticed in the artist bios that there's a little (P), (E), or (M) next to their stats at the bottom of their write up, what do those mean?

(P) means that they performed with that group, (E) means they were an educator for that group, and (M) means they wrote music for that group.

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Does D'Rumpus charge sales tax?

Per California law, we charge the state + county tax rate where we're located (Contra Costa County) of 8.25% to fellow county residents, 7.25% to all other California residents, and zero if you're located outside of California. Also per the law, we only charge sales tax for physical items. Items we offer that are exempt from sales tax inlucde all of our music as it is provided digitally as well as Island Boost as it's considered a consumable food.

What shipping options do I have?

We're currently offering UPS Ground and USPS. If you'd like expedited shipping please contact us before making a purchase so we can work everything out.

How quick do you process orders?

We do everything in our power to process orders and get them shipped same-day. If the order comes in late or after hours we'll do our best to process them within one business day. If our processing time is going to be outside of these expectations we will contact you to let you know.

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What's this about licenses, aren't I buying the music?

You are buying a license to play the music but the author(s) still own the copyright. In fact, typically the publishing company would assume the copyright on behalf of the author(s) but we felt so strongly about the music 100% belonging to the artists we drafted up our contracts to keep the copyright with the author(s)!

So what kind of a license am I purchasing?

There are two licenses you can purchase, one is a personal license which is included when you buy a specific part (snare, bass, marimba, etc.) and the other is a performance license which is included when you buy a score.

…annnnd what's the difference between the two?

In short, the personal license allows you to play the piece by yourself in private and the performance license allows you or your ensemble to play the piece publicly. Please see your specific license agreement for details regarding your purchase(s).

If I purchase a personal license can I share the music with my friends?

Distributing anything included in the download file would be a violation of the personal license agreement. If your friends would like to play the music we recommend they purchase a part license.

I am an official with an organization and I purchased a score from D'Rumpus for my ensemble play, can I give them copies of the music and recordings?

Distributing materials included in the download file is acceptable under the terms of the performance license agreement as long as those who receive the materials are members of your organization who will be teaching or playing the music. Anyone outside of the organization would need to purchase their own personal or performance license.

Why do I have to have a user account to make a purchase?

Because you're forging a legally-binding license agreement, we need to be able to associate that license with a user account. Additionally, you'll need to keep track of your licenses and your user account portal allows you to do that.

I've noticed in some of the pieces there's a place where it says, "Competitive/Circuit Exclusivity," what's that about?

Some pieces are intended to be played in a competitive environment, for example WGI, NCPA, SCPA or even played during a solo competition like DCI's I&Es. In order to prevent multiple people/organizations from showing up to these competitions with the same music we have built in a time-based exclusivity element to qualifying compositions.

On that same topic, how long do I get Competitive/Circuit Exclusivity?

Competitive/Circuit Exclusivity lasts one year from the date of purchase.

What if I want a longer exclusivity period?

You can renew the license for your piece 30 days before it expires -- renewals extend your license another year beyond the original expiration date.

So I can renew licenses instead of buying the piece all over again?

Correct! And good news: Typically the renewal price is nicely discounted compared to the new purchase price.

Can I apply a license renewal to another individual or group?

A renewed license is only valid for the individual or group that license was originally issued to.

What if I wait until after my current license expires to renew?

During the license gap you won't be able to play the piece in public and if you had any competitive/circuit exclusivity that will lapse, but once you renew it all that will fall back into place.

What if (while my license is expired) someone swoops in and claims the exclusivity I used to have, but now I want to renew my license?

You can still renew the piece and play it in public but you'll need to be mindful that you can no longer play it in/at the circuit/competition that the other person/organization has just claimed exclusivity for.

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What forms of payments do you take?

D'Rumpus takes all major credit cards and PayPal.

I've changed my mind on my music purchase, can I get a refund or an exchange?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the sale and the associated assets, all music sales are final and there are no exchanges or refunds. If there was some sort of problem with the download or associated files or any other sort of logistical problem we'll be happy to work with you on that, please contact us to discuss this further.

I've got a problem with my gear order, how can it be resolved?

The best thing to do is get in touch with us so we can discuss it further. If there is a product defect of some sort we're happy to work with you. If you purchased a garment and didn't wear/wash it we can work with that too.

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What's this?! You send out newsletters?!! How do I get those!??!

If you already have an account just go into your account page and in the preferences tab make sure the "Allow D'Rumpus to contact me…" box is checked. If you don't have an account but still want to get updates you can sign up for the newsletter here!

I love your newsletter but I have quit music and I'm never going back, how do I opt-out?

We're sorry to hear that you're quitting music. :-( If you really don't want to receive the newsletter just log into your account page and in the Preferences tab you can uncheck the "Allow D'Rumpus to contact me…" box. If you don't have an account but subscribed to the newsletters you can unsubscribe here.

So… if I do opt-out, does that mean D'Rumpus will never contact me?

You'd no longer get newsletters from us but you'll still get order- and license-related emails.

I've moved, how do I change my address info?

Simply log into your account and edit away!

How can I get in touch with D'Rumpus?

Easy! Contact us using this handy dandy web form.

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Is my personal data safe?

Absolutely! We take extra steps to ensure your safety by applying 256 bit encryption to all private data. In addition, we went the extra mile to get an EV (extended validation) certificate which requires extensive verification of the requesting entity's identity (that's us) so you can be sure you're dealing with a legit company!

Are you going to sell my personal info to ad agencies or anything like that?

D'Rumpus takes your privacy very seriously, we will not sell your personal information!

Are you going to spam me?

No way!!! We dislike spam just as much as you do. If you opt-in to emails from us we'll send you occasional updates but it will only be when we have something important to tell you about like a new artist coming on board or new pieces being available on the site. We will use due diligence in contacting you via email. If you'd rather not receive those emails simply go into your account page and opt-out.

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