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D'Rumpus - The Ninja Within by Greg Gonzales and Rob van Loben Sels
D'Rumpus Exclusive"

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The Ninja Within chronicles the the afternoon of an ordinary kid who comes home after school to play their favorite video game. When they start playing everything transforms around them and they're suddenly in the digital world surrounded by a ninja clan!

In the first movement our hero has to collect themselves, coming to terms with what just happened. Once they've come to grips with the situation they join the ninja clan in training and then induction. Now that they've officially become a ninja it's time for a boss fight! At the end our ninja is transformed back to the real world... was it a dream? Or maybe it really did happen....

And while this show covers the literal story above, it also digs deeper and touches on the fact that we all have a ninja on the inside waiting to be summoned to do amazing things. Be it beat a boss in a video game, grade 400 papers after a long day of teaching, or run a marathon, there's nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it.

Purchasing this show will give you:

  • All samples used in the original production
  • Suggestions for acquiring virtual instruments
  • Full design detail and show walk through
  • Nearly 600 audio and pdf files including sheet music in both landscape and portrait format, full scores and sub-ensemble scores, full ensemble and sub-ensemble recordings, each instrument recorded at various tempos, and more! (over 1GB, this is a big download folks)
  • Circuit/region exclusivity for one year

The show duration shown below is the actual performance time not including the pre-show (included sample).


First place in NCPA competition

Composition Specs






80 - 170  


A Class




24 - 50    


Snares, Tenors, Bass Drums (5), Marching Cymbals, Marimba (2), Vibes (3), Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Synth (2), Koto, Shakuhachi, Concert Snare, Concert Toms, Concert Bass Drum, Tam Tam, Shimedaiko, Taiko Drum, Finger Cymbals, China Cymbal (2), Sizzle Cymbal, Splash Cymbal (2), Suspended Cymbals (assortment), Brake Drum, Egg Shaker, Guiro, Triangle, Rainstick, Wind Chimes, Woodblock


2 Mallets, 4 Mallets, 4 Mallet - Independent Strokes, 3s, Butterflies, Buzz Rolls, Crossovers, Diddles, Double Stops, Flams, Flam Taps, Hertas, Paradiddles, Paradiddlediddles, Paradiddlediddlediddles, Presses, Puggeduhs, Rolls, Scrapes, Singles, Skanks, Split 16ths, Upbeat Triplets, Circular Rolls, Crashes, Crash Chokes, Dings, Hi Hats, Scratches, Taps, Zings