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D'Rumpus - Stand for the Beats by Rob van Loben Sels
D'Rumpus Exclusive"

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Stand for the BeatsSTAND BEATS

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Stand for the Beats is a collection of four pieces, "In the End Zone," "Commercial Break," "Yellow Flag," and "Quickie B." (The order of which is how you'll hear them in the recording above, with a brief pause in between each piece.) This collection was designed for playing in football stadiums, or basketball courts, or wherever you'll have a drumline helping to cheer on the home team, but don't let that stop you from using the longer piece(s) as a shorter street beat as well.

We went ahead and rated it intermediate not due to the rudiments or tempos used but because of some of the triple-to-duple transitions and a couple of the tenor arounds. More novice lines should be able to achieve the parts with some practice.

Who doesn't like a drumline at a sporting event? Arm yours with the Stand for the Beats collection and they're sure to fire up the fans and the team!

Composition Specs






114 - 156  


9 - 30


Snares, Tenors, Bass Drums (5), Marching Cymbals


3s, Buzz Rolls, Crossovers, Diddles, Double Stops, Flams, Paradiddles, Paradiddlediddles, Presses, Puggeduhs, Rolls, Scrapes, Skanks