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D'Rumpus - Phases Combo Pack by Lane Sanders
D'Rumpus Exclusive"

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Phases Combo PackEXERCISE

Complete Piece (Score + Parts)
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The sum is greater than the parts; that's why we put together this combo pack of the three Phases exercises for you! This is a perfect way to pick up a pre-planned development curve for you or your ensemble. The Phases series is a very logical progression that starts with basic techniques and rudiments (like taps and accents) and moves on through diddles and finally ends at chop-needing notes like flam 5s and inverts. The great thing is, each exercise builds on the last so what is learned in Phases 1 is carried on to Phases 2 which then carries on to Phases 3.

The recording that the top of this page is for the culmination of the series: Phases 3. If you'd like to hear the other ensemble recordings or part recordings please visit the respective exercises' main page (Phases 1, Phases 2, and Phases 3).

Composition Specs






80 - 140      


Snares, Tenors, Bass Drums (4), Bass Drums (5)


Cheesed Inverts, Cheeses, Diddles, Flams, Flam 5s, Flam Drags, Flamadiddles, FUBARs, Flam Inverts, Paradiddles, Paradiddlediddles, Singles, Taps and Accents