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D'Rumpus - Dinner Rolls by Blair Williams
D'Rumpus Exclusive"

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Dinner RollsEXERCISE

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BEWARE -- when listening to the samples above watch out for the dynamics! This exercise starts at mp and then crescendos up to f!

Alright, now that we've got that out of the way and you won't blow out your speakers listening to the goodness of the recordings, let's talk about this fine exercise.

When we think of hot, steamy dinner rolls one of the first things that comes to mind is the butter you put on them. Mmmmm, smooth, creamy, melty, buttery butter. Almost like... clean drum rolls... smooth, delicious, clean drum rolls. Want clean rolls? Get this exercise.

While playing this you'll get the opportunity to isolate the diddles on each hand and play them at various dynamic levels. Along with the legato and dynamic sections in this piece, there are also some good tap to accent passages (drags included). Add some duple feel to that just to keep it mixed up and fresh and you've got Dinner Rolls.

With the dotted quarter at 180 (or faster) you can really burn this one to build your chops and upgrade your fast triplet roll technique. Or slow it down and work on sound quality. Either way, this is a good one to keep stocked in the library of any musician or ensemble.

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Snares, Tenors, Bass Drums (5)


Butterflies, Crossovers, Diddles, Taps and Accents