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D'Rumpus - Module 8's by Casey Brohard

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Module 8'sEXERCISE

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Most percussion sections warm up to some sort of legato exercise and if you'd like something in that vein but different then we highly encourage giving this exercise a try. Differentiating itself by mixing duple and triple (and throwing in a little bit of stacatto for good measure), Module 8's works both legato strokes and tap to accent strokes.

The exercise is broken up into several micro phrases so that you or your ensemble can take it in logical chunks, slowly but surely. The absolute, hands down, key to mastering this piece is lining it up with your feet. Did you listen to the sample? Yeah, those aren't 8th notes you're hearing in the beginning, those are quarter notes in 12/8 time (think quarter note triplets). Surprise!!! :-D

This is a great warm up that helps to master the switch from duple to triple and back again. Slower tempos will help newer ensembles pick it up, faster tempos will keep the more experienced lines thinking on their feet (yes, pun intended).

Composition Specs






140 - 200      


Snares, Tenors, Bass Drums (5)


Legato, Taps and Accents