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Joey Staab

In his own words...
My interest in music, more specifically percussion, began in the third grade when my teacher brought in his drumset as a little "motivation" to do well on STAR testing that year. He allowed all of us to play a little solo in front of the whole class for thirty seconds each. At the time I was already involved in soccer, and I loved it, but as soon as I sat behind that set I knew that I wanted to be a drummer. I was happy to find out that my school had a percussion class, but unfortunately I wasn't allowed to join it for another two years when I was in fifth grade. So when two years passed and I finally started fifth grade, I was one of the first to join the class.

The first instrument I started out on was a concert snare drum, then later a concert tom and congas. I was in the class for two years until I had to start middle school, but leaving elementary meant I had to choose between soccer or percussion. At the time, it was the biggest decision of my life, and I thought about it for a long time but finally decided to leave soccer and continue with percussion.

I later auditioned and made the snare line at Reyburn and was introduced to a whole new world of percussion. Along with being new to the concept of a drumline, I was also introduced to drum corps for the first time. The first DCI show I saw was The Blue Devils' 2006 show and I was instantly a huge fan. I knew that one day I would be marching in a drum corps, and eventually I'd be a Blue Devil.

All throughout high school, I spent my spare time drumming in my garage and learning all kinds of music from various different corps. At one point, I could fill up two three-inch binders with music from drum corps or just random things people would write, and I knew most of it by memory. I would literally spend twelve hours a day drumming in my garage and would only take a break to get something to eat.

By my junior year, I figured it would be time to try out for a drum corps, so I auditioned for The Mandarins snare line and made it. That summer was the hardest I had ever worked, but it was some of the most fun that I had ever had playing music. The next summer was when I made the Blue Devils B drumline, and became a part of the Blue Devils family; it was the best summer of my life!

Music has had the biggest impact on my life more than anything and I love it too much to let it go. In fact I hope to be a person that helps change the percussion world for the better and hopefully helps the growth of activities such as DCI and WGI. I plan to continue on with my DCI and WGI career as long as I possibly can, and after that, I plan on working towards my BA degree in music composition. As of right now I'm already an instructor for a couple different schools, including my old high school. Further down the road I hope to continue teaching and even write the percussion book for a drum corps.

Comments from D'Rumpus
Joey's music is solid. There are elements that are very functional but he also makes sure to keep it fresh and interesting with some complexity and rockin' beats. Balancing function and fun can be a challenge, one of Joey's strengths is that he does that almost effortlessly!


  • Clovis East High School Rookie of the Year 2007-2008 (P)
  • Clovis East High School Most Valuable Performer 2008-2009 (P)
  • Clovis East High School Most Outstanding Percussionist 2009-2010 (P)
  • Clovis East High School Directors Award 2010-2011 (P)
  • Clovis East High School WBA AAA 2nd Place 2008 (P)
  • Clovis East High School WBA AAA 3rd Place 2009 (P)
  • Clovis East High School BOA Regional Finalist 2010 (P)
  • Clovis East High School SJVCGPR I&E Snare Champion 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 (P)
  • Clovis East High School SJVCGPR World Class Champions 2007, 2008, 2011 (P)
  • Blue Devils B Rookie of the Year 2011 (P)
  • Blue Devils B DCI Open Class Champion 2011 (P)
  • Blue Devils B DCI Open Class High Percussion 2011 (P)
  • Fresno State Marching Band Most Outstanding Percussionist 2012 (P)
  • Blue Devils DCI World Class Champions 2012 (P)
  • Blue Devils DCI World Class High Percussion 2012 (P)
  • Blue Devils DCI World Class Champions 2014 (P)


  • Reyburn Intermediate School (E)
  • Clovis East High School (P) (E)
  • Edison High School (E)
  • Sunnyside High School (E)
  • Leigh High School (E)
  • Wilcox High School (E) (M)
  • Fresno State (P)
  • Blue Devils B (P)
  • The Mandarins (P)
  • Santa Clara Vanguard Indoor (P)
  • Blue Devils (P)



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