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What's D'Rumpus?!

D'Rumpus - noun - də-'rəm-pəs

An obsession with being good, and doing good.

D'Rumpus believes that we are all connected through music, and that music has the power to change lives and make the world a better place. We are here to be a catalyst of that, both through our direct actions and by helping you be a catalyst in your own way. Everything we do and everything you see on this site is intended to help someone do something better or be something better; our desire is to spark a chain reaction of good.

Who's D'Rumpus?

We are students, teachers, performers, writers, directors, and fans -- but most importantly we all love music and have a special affinity for percussion. Collectively, the D'Rumpus artist roster boasts hundreds of years of music experience and a high double digit count of regional, national, and world championships including top honors at both DCI and WGI. Our artists have placed highly at DCI's I&E competitions in both solo and ensemble performances and we're very happy to offer some of those very solos here on the site! Qualifications aside, we're people who are passionate about percussion, teaching, and sharing the wealth of our experiences with others so that they might also get as much out this as we have.

Why D'Rumpus?

We're making the world a better place, who wouldn't want to support that? If you license music through D'Rumpus you'll get all the tools you need for your (or your ensemble's) success. When you license our compositions we help our artists by giving them a generous share of the revenue (this is completely opposite from the big record labels) so your purchase is directly helping them to continue creating high quality music for others' enjoyment. If you make a purchase from our Gear page you're helping our partners like Etymotic Research and Island Boost fund their product development efforts which will continue helping people. If you purchase one of our D'Rumpus-specific products you're helping us keep the lights on and without that none of the above would be possible. Everything matters -- nothing is trivial.

We hope you enjoy this site and everything on it. Feel free to visit us on Facebook and if you like what we're doing and what we're about please spread the word with your friends and family.

Thank you!